5 Responses to “Tom”

  1. sophiewwriter says:

    Short but brilliant 😉

  2. kaitlinwriter says:

    I really like it, although you did miss out a capital letter on Mrs.

  3. givernywriter says:

    sorry! i made loads of spelling errors! 🙂

  4. givernywriter says:

    i like your decisions. its a really good letter. That is a really good peace of writing tom, and i think everyon is going to like it. Godd work!

  5. tomwriter says:

    Dear mrs Ely
    I am incredibly annoyed with your decision of homework,
    Due to my busy schedule i’m struggling to fit it all in and this would have more
    Pressures to add to my life and i am only 9, nearly 10 years old.
    Due to my new homework schedule i am getting less time with my family .This is making my life miserable. You are a good headteacher and i know you wouldnt want your school children to be miserable.

    Yours Sincerely
    Tom Pearson

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