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  1. sophiewwriter says:

    Dear Diary,
    Today was extraordinary. It was a very humid afternoon. My Mum ( as usual ) bribed into going to a car show at the park. I was anything, but excited. Most children deny a boring request. But, knowing that my mum was easily offended, I agreed politely. Diary, don’t even think about insulting me! I’m not very confident in anything and I didn’t want to be grounded for a month. Anyways, mum led me to the car. I felt dreary and bored already. Finally, I noticed 19th century cars lined equally apart across the playing field. A hint of admiration flew through my brain. Actually, the cars were beautiful and elegant. Mum smiled faintly. I knew that she had seen the wonder sparkling in my eyes. As soon as I got out of the car, I ran to a stall, decorated in supernova pictures, Nasa logos and planets. A large sign caught my eye. It read: IF YOU WIN YOU GET A TRIP TO THE MOON! I begged mum to go to the stall. She agreed. Twenty bottles stood before me. I shivered in anticipation. Was I going to miss?
    I threw all three balls at once. Every single bottle tumbled to the ground. It was like I was viewing it in slow-motion. I was given an address and a form. I assumed this was to do with the spaceship. I predicted a thrilling experience, one which that I would never have again. I felt uplifted.

  2. givernywriter says:

    im shaking sop! really good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. sophiewwriter says:

    Suddenly the planet shook.Their feet defied gravity. The world flipped over to reveal their home town. Slowly, they floated down to see police cars surrounding thier home…

  4. sophiewwriter says:

    Tom looked bewildered. His breath was like ice, his heart sinking in fear and his mind whirling around frantically. Laughter echoed from the mountainous mass of earth before him. Where had this place come from? Why couldn’t he see it before? . He took a few steps towards the mysterious, yet beautiful gathering trees. Tom couldn’t believe his eyes. His worst nightmare was unraveling it’s secrets within. Were his nightmares really predictions? There was a sense of deja-vu but Tom knew he had seen this picture before.

    Meanwhile, Jez panicked in his royal residence, dread overcoming his body, blood turning to ice in his veins, as he realized his best friend was left abandoned in the hands of the forest.

    Tom noticed the roots of the trees encircling his feet. He attempted to run but it seemed to trigger the roots. His delecate body was overtaken by thorny branches, leaving his muffled voice a plain echo for help, which was common in the forest.

    Jez ran as the tribe followed him. His heart pounded. Tom would never ever forgive him. He turned his head to the praising followers.
    ” No more following!” demanded Jez.
    His tribe took offense. They all attacked him. His legs in full motion.Jez crawled away with weak fingertips. He looked up to see Tom lying on the ground twitching his fingers. He looked pale, cold and almost dead. Jez dragged Tom out onto a crumbling cliff nearby. He swiftly ran to a dank lake and collected a small portion of water. Immediately, he threw it on Tom’s gaunt face.Tom gasped for air as the water soaked into his clothes.
    ” What was that for?” asked Tom.
    “You were dying! Be grateful!” shouted Jez

  5. elliegwriter says:

    Scary soph I had bad dreams last night my mum and dad weren’t very happy

  6. sophiewwriter says:

    I’ve just finished reading everybody’s work it’s amazing

  7. sophiewwriter says:

    I would like to raise a concern about this weeks homework.
    I kindly request to all of my classmates not to copy my peers and I when we do our homework.

    • sophiewwriter says:

      I do appreciate magpying is helpful in some cases but full out copying part of a students work is a little unhelpful. Just saying everyone’s work is their own and also well written and I would hate it if people stole sentences.

  8. sophiewwriter says:

    Despite Ali’s curiosity she thought that maybe she should run before anything out of the ordinary made itself known. She turned her gaunt face towards the decomposed oak door but to her surprise the door was shut and now locked with a rusty padlock. The door seemed to be laughing at her as she yanked frantically at the piece of metal preventing her from leaving the dark premises.

    Ali had no other choice but to investigate the dismal house and find another escape. When she pivoted around an odour of an unimaginable stench of blood filled her nostrils, leaving the hairs on the back of her neck standing erect. A faint sound of eerie music found its way to her petite ears. As she got closer the music amplified. Finally she found the cause of the uncomforting noise. It was a gramophone. The music stopped abruptly when Ali lay a finger on the delicate vinyl record…

    Suddenly in a split second the room illuminated as a mass of wax-dripping candles encircled her, set alight by an invisible entity. Looking around, the lit room she was transfixed by the somehow familiar paintings hung around the, otherwise empty walls. Before she could gasp with fear a blunt object struck her neck; it felt like she was hit by the most powerful lightning bolt in history.

    24 hours later…
    Ali woke to see a motionless doll on her lap grinning suspiciously with a hint of malice, as a psychotic child.

  9. givernywriter says:

    great piece of writing potatoe! 😉
    though why did you write i,m instead of i’m? and i think you spelt appalling wrong. bye!:)

  10. sophiewwriter says:

    To Mrs Ely,
    I’m writing to inform you about the apalling amount of homework given to the children of Owls Class by Mr Spelman. I do believe you want all pupils to be fully and correctly educated at school, which Mr Spelman does well, but what about homework?

    Every child needs different education and some require more so I feel we need to give children more homework to develop skills. It can also help Mr Spelman from teaching so much because they have developed more skills.Many children will disagree with this suggestion but it is your decision.

    I do hope you you agree and I,m sure the class will understand that this is for educational purposes.
    Many Thanks,
    Sophie Webster

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