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  1. radleywriter says:

    dear diary
    My mum said to me this morning that i got a letter from NASA she gave it to me i opened it said “You are going to be the first child on the Moon!”I wondered why i got it until i remembered i entered a competition on the internet to win a surprises gift. The next day i was at school bragging about me being the thirteenth person on the Earth only satellite. I was going there in two weeks until rocket left to the Moon!

    A few days later it was one day until i leave. Emotions overcome my body.it is 384,400 km away.

  2. radleywriter says:

    As she walked inside the house of dolls the light flickered on and off.Ali could see shadows moving on the walls creeping across the spaces between the windows.Noises started coming out of the vents making Ali jump, her heart was racing.Suddenly a rocking chair creaked, it started moving Ali looked closer. There was no one on it.

    The room was lifeless and dull the windows were surrounded in gloom Ali could not even see out of them. Vents ran across the room going up to the second floor and above stairs snapped and more doors.

  3. radleywriter says:

    Dear Mrs Ely

    I am writing to you about your message about homework every night!

    The monstrosity of this is huge. It would mean I have to do homework seven days a week! When would I have time to have fun?

    It is important to me to have a bit of fun and a small rest.

    If we are to do homework everyday then we would run out of things to do, so you would just be giving us homework that we don’t know how to do.

    I am loosing my mind thinking about this.

    Please think of us children before making your decision.

    All work and no play makes Radley a sad boy.

    Yours Sincerely


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