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  1. lilliewriter says:

    Dear diary,
    I can not believe that yesterday i won a trip too the luxurious and silky moon! I simply decided to enter the challenge of writing a book about the moon in an authors words and it started of tricky but when time passed it was simple. After i read a few guide books, that were very well written using a fantastic range of vocabulary, i started picking up more and more facts as i read! Putting together the book was very hard because you had to find the material of it and stick all of the pages together in one! My title of the book was ‘a rocky place’. In the end I WON 1st PLACE! I am so excited about leaping around and over the breath taking craters on the surface of the moon! It would be great, i have no doubt about going except my space suit not being very protective and maybe there will not be enough oxygen to provide! Tomorrow is going to be out of this world!

    Dear diary,
    I didn’t really expect this to happen but after a few jumps in space i started getting hungry so i leaped back to the rocket and i searched for the food, but i could not find any in it! I asked my back up crew were it was and they realised they had forgotten to pack it into the rocket so i didn’t get a very long time on the moon because as soon as we realised, i had to go back to earth again and eat. At least i know that if i go too the moon again i will have to remember or remind the back up crew that i need food supply. The amazing thing was that when i arrived back on Earth i received a huge food feast!

  2. givernywriter says:

    wow lil! gr8 story xxx

  3. lilliewriter says:

    Ali didn’t know if he should go through the door or not. He slowly took a deep breath and took one step forwards. The scared boy crept up to the door as quiet as a mouse but then he suddenly stepped back again. His fear took over his strength.
    ” I wonder if i will ever step foot out of this door again?” thought Ali in wonder.This time Ali was sure that he would go inside. He was brave! The excited little boy hopped forwards and quickly opened the crooked door. Ali stopped when he opened the door and gasped in amazement. There was no roof and no walls at all.
    It was a forest! There was lots and lots of vegetation everywhere: tall trees,fabulous flowers and green vegetables! He couldn’t believe his eyes, there were so many plants! A new piece of land was discovered! Ali stepped into the forest and spotted some amazing mini beasts: Butterflys, bees, caterpillars and snails. There were lots of birds of prey in the sunny sky! Ali was going to visit the mysterious world every day!

  4. givernywriter says:

    HOW DID YOU DO THAT MUCH??? that is AMAZING lil 🙂

  5. lilliewriter says:

    Dear Mrs Ely,
    I am writing to you to complain about the homework you will be sending our school every homework night.
    Mr Spelman sends us homework that isn’t to bad, but if you keep setting us some it will get harder
    and harder! I know you want us to be more educational at home but i have a baby sister, a little brother and
    3 year old little sister! I need to help my parents out with looking after them! It is really not very fair on them.
    So i would like you to try and think of others that don’t have much time and that is why i am writing!

    This is why i would not like you to set homework every night :it would make me very tired, some people like me
    need more time and it is going to make my parents worn out! It would make me tired because homework takes a
    long amount of time to do sometimes, i usually do it on the day i get it so that i get more time other days to do
    what i would like to do, if i get it done one night i will have to do more and not get to do what i would like
    to do! Another thing that i forgot to add is that Mr Spelman will have a lot of marking to do!

    The second thing is that i need more time. If one night i have to do swimming lessons like i do have to do on
    Tuesdays, i might not get time to do it and get a warning card! That would not be very fair at all for me!
    You should know how it feels to have to sit and do work whilst watching all your friends playing together without
    you! If you don’t i bet it doesn’t feel very nice! That is my second reason why i am not very happy!

    Number three! My parents would be worn out because my little brother [Louie] needs help with his
    homework sometimes and they have to him, they do not have time to do that with 4 children
    running round the house and sometimes getting ready for bed! As a headteacher You should know
    how it feels, you are a mother of 2 children!

    Yours Sincerely
    Lillie Burnett xxx

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