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  1. leowriter says:

    Dear Diary,

    Guess what, I won a competition today and now finally I can have a trip to the moon! I’ve been dreaming of this for years ever since my fourth birthday; when I got
    a telescope, I knew this day would come some day I could just feel it. As I’m going to the moon (Earths only satellite) I will need to pack many important things
    :space food, space suit, and other space related items. I will miss my family and pets, but it think I will get used to it. Although I am extreamly exited I am also
    a bit nervous because what if the rocket flys into outer space what if I get eaten alive by aliens what if a asteroid crushes me, but i’m sure they won’t let that

    Dear Diary,

    I had an outstanding time in space I arrived back on earth safely, my head feels a little sore from the bumpey ride home. As soon as I rung the door bell I could hear
    my mum stomping down the stairs to see me and as she opened the door she gave me a huge, happy, homley hug. I told my fabulous family what exiting, fun times I had on
    the moon. I told them how it felt to be in space and what it looked like. The Earth looked amazing from 400,000 miles away I could look at it for hours. That night I
    went to bed dreaming of going to the moon again and woke up in the morning just looking up at the moon out the window.

  2. leowriter says:

    Tom and Jez stood there silently, while their hearts pounded rapidly. Some Rocks started to cave them in, it was pitch black. They started to walk around with
    their arms held out in front of them. Suddenly they both felt something rubbing against them. One of the rocks fell off and made a beam of sunlight fly into the cave.
    Then they realised they just kept bumping into each other. The rock that fell off made a gap and Jez desided climb through the gap then helped Tom out.
    Tom and Jez got out their bags and grabbed supplies like a small knife a flashlight from Toms garden shed and a cargo net to hide under.
    They got ready and set out to find the portal, before they went to find the portal they tried to make a plan, but Tom said “We can just make a plan on the way
    there.” So they both walked out into the jungle to find the portal. In the jungle it was very weird there were strange little buildings that look like they’ve been
    blown up and a pile of bones from dead beasts. Suddenly Jez fell in a large pit in the ground and said “I found a stair case.” So Tom jumped down and they both
    walked down the stairs and turned on the flashlight. Down the stairs there was a locked door and a strange animal head of unicorn and a body of a sloth who gave
    them a riddle, which says “You will find me in the past but i can be created in the present, what am I?” Tom and Jez thought carefully. Jez thought it was time but
    Tom thought it was a person. When Jez thought it was time he thought about things what happened a long time ago, then Tom said “Wait a minute it’s history!” Tom said
    to the unicorn sloth “we think the answer is history” The unicorn sloth opened the locked door and said in a deep voice “If you find the portal you can go home” So Tom
    and Jez walked through the door and inside there was a pit of leaves and tiger cross leopard animals. Jez got out the cargo net and put it over his and Tom’s head and
    slowly crawled across the pit and the tiger leopards. At the end of the pit the net got stuck and one of the tiger leopards saw them and slowly stepped forwards ready
    to pounce. As soon as it was going to pounce tom got out the knife and cut the net and slambed the gate. suddenly Tom stood on a button and the portal came through the
    floor and they both went home.

  3. leowriter says:

    Leo stood silently, looking at the door. With a slow creaking sound, it opened. Taking a deep breath, Leo walked inside. He looked around with no clue what to do. The door suddenly slammed behind him and locked. There were three different tunnels, and they all seemed to be pitch black. Leo stood there quietly staring at the tunnels thinking what to do, he had a decision of trying to find out what’s through the tunnels or go home and forget about it all.

    Leo suddenly stopped. He decided to be brave and check out the crevices, as he was ever-so curious. Leo looked at the tunnels, she thought she might as well go into the middle one. So he slowly tip-toed through the hallway of darkness, suddenly Leo bumped into a wall, and found himself in a small room full of blood splats. He stepped back with his face full of fear. Leo tripped over something hard and fell on his back, then he ended up sitting next to a skeleton holding a sword in his hand and a bow and some arrows on it’s back. Leo carefully took the sword and the bow and arrows. He saw a shield and two swords crossed together underneath the shield. He wondered if he could use the shield for protection, so he jumped up and grabbed the shield, which was hanging on the wall.

    Leo ran back through the tunnel and leaped into the one on the right. He could see some dispensers filled with arrows so he took the shield off his back and guarded his body. He took a deep breath and swiftly ran past the dispensers he could see a chest ahead so he ran towards it. Leo stopped at the chest and opened it right at the bottom he could see a crystal-clear diamond! So again he ran down the tunnel and into the one on the left. Near the end of the tunnel there was some lava with stone in it, which he needed to jump across! So once again Leo took a deep breath and leaped over the burning, hot lava and onto a flouting stone then onto another stone, and almost fell off then he carefully climbed out and carried on running. Then suddenly he could see a chest. So Leo stopped at the chest and opened it and he saw another bright blue diamond. Leo put both the diamonds together and made a diamond key. He ran back down the tunnel and unlocked the door and went home.

  4. givernywriter says:

    Really goood points leo. youd persuade her. great piece of writing!:)

  5. leowriter says:

    Dear Mrs Ely

    I’m writing to you, to change your mind about making our class do homework every single day. Home isn’t about working; it’s about being with your family and having fun. It will also be very hard to figure out which one needs to be in at which times, and if you get them wrong you will end up staying in at break times.

    It will take a terribly long for the teachers to mark all the work,and to set all the work in the first place. Our parents work incredibly hard pretty much all day then come home and then help us with our homework. Is that really fair? I do know you work very hard, because you’re a head teacher but that doesn’t mean we need to work as hard as you.

    I hope you will now regret your decision and make every one do maybe three pieces of homework every week. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings in this letter, and now hopefully every one won’t need to do work every day.

    Yours Sincerely

    Leo Ball

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