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  1. sophiewwriter says:

    That is amazing i realllyyyy like it 🙂

  2. kinseywriter says:

    Dear Mrs Ely
    I am writing to address the matter of the homework that you are planning to give to us on a daily basis. I feel that if you make the decision to go forward with this plan it would be a terrible mistake. I am writing to explain my views as to why I believe that this idea would have a negative impact on the lives of many students.

    my first argument is that many pupils take part in out of school activities such as:
    football, swimming, gymnastics, or other sporting clubs, events or activities.
    these are all time consuming activities and greatly limit the amount of time that pupils can spend on homework.

    My second argument is that most students do not like receiving or undertaking homework, therefore it often causes pupils to be unhappy. Happiness is very important in my opinion because if I am happy I accomplish more and so therefore by having more homework I would be unhappy and achieve less.

    My third argument is that school starts at 9:00 o’clock and finishes at 3:15 which is 6 hours and fifteen minutes a day that we as pupils of KS2 are at school, taking out of that our hour lunch and fifteen minute break-time we are working at school for 5 hours. This is a very long time to be working everyday and this is without added time for homework. In a week we work for 25 hours (over a whole day) just at school, by adding homework you are adding to the number of hours we work a week. I feel that 25 hours work is enough a week without added time for homework.

    My fourth argument is that the time spent doing homework could mean that we miss out on activities we need to do, for example if we had homework every night we would not be able to have as many baths because we wouldn’t have time, this would mean that we would not be as clean or hygienic which could lead to us becoming ill more often and resulting in us having more time off school. Therefore having more homework would have a negative effect on our schoolwork.
    We could also miss out on sleep because we would have to stay up late to finish everything we needed to do, this would mean that we would be more tired in school and would not be as productive; we would not learn as much. This would have a negative effect on our schoolwork.
    We could also miss out on spending time with our family which would be bad for us as we would not have as good a relationship with them as we should. This could mean we could grow distant from them and would not receive help when we need it which would affect our home learning. If we didn’t learn as much at home we would not be able to use it at school which would have a negative impact on our school work.

    In conclusion i feel that we should not receive homework every night because it would have a negative impact on both our home lives and our school lives.

    I thank you for taking the time to read my letter and i hope you will take into account my concerns when reviewing your final decision as to whether we should be given homework everyday.

    Yours sincerely
    Kinsey Brown

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