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  1. katiewriter says:

    Dear Diary,
    I’ve only just got back from going on earth’s only natural satellite (the moon).It was an out of this world experience.The most scariest moment for me was the rocket: your strapped in facing upwards then all of a sudden you can here rocket fuel burning up, then as gravity is trying to pull you down you face is pulled back making an uncomfortable felling, also your pulled really far back to your seat then you break out of the earth’s atmosphere into space. It took a whole week to get there on that journey we had to eat dehydrated food, which we had to re-hydrate using water.

    When we landed it was amazing I stepped on to the moon dusty lunar soil with my foot prints staying because there is no wind on the moon. I jumped and ran my way to the sea of tranquility and then across the baron landscape to were Neil Armstrong the first man on the moon landed and to took his first steps. A breathtaking thing was the vibrant color of our own planet Earth it looked beautiful.Then we had to leave the moon after catching a quick sight of the solar system’s largest crater .It would amazing if humans could make it inhabitable.

    Write to you Tomorrow,
    Your Loyal Friend,
    Katie Wilson.

  2. katiewriter says:

    Dear diary,
    I am going to be the first child to go up into space(to the moon) and I am so excited even though I have butterflies squirming inside my stomach- I cant wait to go up in the rocket. In the corner of my mind there is a little voice dreading it making me keep thinking what if something goes wrong and I can’t get home. Now diary you are probably wondering how I came across going up into space, well it was a race I came across, you have to be under 12 which I am, and you have to run one hundred meters and who ever came first gets to go to the moon. It was time to go in the spaceship. Dad was calling me to get in the car. He started to drive, by now I was too anxious to move. After a while we were there. I could see all the crew talking about the flight. I couldn’t wait. I was put into a spacesuit and strapped into the seat.I will speak to you again when I return. Signing off now.

  3. kaitlinwriter says:

    Your letter is really good

  4. katiewriter says:

    After a long time running he gets to the end of Jez’s path, expecting him to be there but no! Jez was nowhere. He turned around, still no Jez – where had he gone? Then he heard Jez scream again. He heard it was coming from up high, so he tried to climb up a tree but it was too wet, but why was it wet he thought. Then he put his mind back to how he was going to get Jez. He looked around, nothing. He looked to his right, still nothing but jungle. He looked to his left, finally something, he could climb a mountain. He took off his backpack to see if he had something he could use. Right in the corner there was an old rope. He pulled it out and threw it up towards the mountain. It caught on a spike. He edged his way towards the rope and jumped on to it.He climbed and climbed sweat was pouring down his face. Finally he got to the top, there was a large circular nest. He looked at it, Jez was in there. Just as he was about to take a step forwards a beast swooped down on him. The beast was snarling like a dog about to enter a fight.Tom started to tremble in fear what if he ate me he thought. He tried to push that thought out of his mind it did not work. The beast stepped towards him. Tom yelled for help but none came. He took a step backwards, almost falling of the cliff. What was he going to do? His hand started to sweat. He had nowhere to go.The beast was getting closer. At the last second he moved to the side. The beast fell because it had not opened its wings in time, it fell to it death. Tom jumped in the nest to Jez and pulled him out. After a while of talking they decided to go home. Using the stone they opened up the portal and hopped in. The End

  5. katiewriter says:

    “How I am going to get of this horrendous place,” Ali thought.

  6. katiewriter says:

    The name of the person was supposed to be Ali

  7. katiewriter says:

    Ail looked around the room it was dark, darker than dark. The next thing he new the door closed behind him, he tried to open it but it had locked it self. A few seconds later a young girl started laughing he turned to see what caused the noise but there was nothing there apart from an old rocking chair, rocking on its own accords a little doll at there. Blood was pouring down it, “where was it from?” he thought. The walls were now dancing with shadows, he was starting to get hot and sweaty. Then the chair stopped rocking and the doll moved its head to look at him he took a big gulp and looked away. The young girl that he heard was getting louder but instead of laughing crying then he saw it. A face. next second it had disappeared into thin air. Behind him was the crying, before he could look something grabbed his leg, he looked down, it was a young girl with no eyes. He screamed. He just about freed himself from the eyeless child . He was now shacking with fear.

    He took a step backwards and he hit something. The door. he looked to his left and saw something he had not noticed before. A window which held so much grim he wondered how it let light in. Beneath the window there was loads of shattered glass. All of a sudden he could smell smoke. he turned around. nothing.

  8. katiewriter says:

    Dear Mrs Ely

    The reason I am writing to you is because I think you have made a terrible decision in making us do homework every night. It’s a horrible idea, think of all the other brilliant things we can get education from.

    We could use loads of other things for education that we don’t need to have the pressure of having to hand them by a set time. For example there is reading,educational games, there are documentary’s on television,board games and lots of other stuff we could use or do without scary deadlines. It’s terrible doing homework every night and I barely have time to do anything else.

    Before this happened I had many wonderful types of things that I would do:during 4:00 and 5:00 I would read books then between 5:00 and 6:00 I would help Mum and Dad with dinner, learning cooking skills. From 6:00 I would play video games until 7:00 when I would watch television before I went to bed.

    I would hope that you will take these words in to consideration and change this rule.This rule as made me feel so stressed that I don’t feel I do 100% in my homework, despite trying my best.Can you please change the rule.

    Your Sincerely
    Katie Wilson

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