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  1. givernywriter says:

    Kind regards,
    one of you pupils from Tydd St Mary School,
    Giverny Frankland x

  2. givernywriter says:

    My second complaint due to the homework is the time i have to put into it.Before you set this new rule, the moment i got home, i went to spend time with my family of six. here is the new,pointless schedule i have to put up with: Movie night- Maths Mania. Bowling night- blog. rest and relaxation- reading.eating out at that fancy new restaurant- english. Now see the effect it has had on me and my family. 1. my little brother wants me to read him a story befor his bedtime, i cant now. now he cant go to sleep each night. 2. My older brother gets lots of homework each night, i used to be able to help him, now i cant, and he has gone from a straight A student, to having repetetive D minuses. 3. my sister- ok you get the point, but do you see what i have to deal with? There is nothing I can do!

  3. givernywriter says:

    Dear Mrs Ely, of course i am deeply sorry for the interuptions i may have caused you. I know that in your hectic life as working as a headteacher may be stressful, so you probably dont want any way of distraction,causing you to forget or misplace any vital belongings. I understand. please let me fill you in as to why im writing. As you may know, my life is just as busy as yours, so i really dont understand why your piling more homework onto me. I do not mean to be whingy at all, but let me give you a few reasons why i think that. The first complaint is regarding the weight. When you think of books, you consider them as light as a feather to carry. Well, when i think of books, instead of thinking their pages as light and weightless, its more like the book is filled with ten stone cement! Not delicate, fragile pages, easy to rip. Now, your saying we should do homwork every night, consisting of reading, english, maths and our blog, if in my class. When i say one book weighs ten stone, how much do you think four of them are? ten times four. You do the maths!

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