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  1. elliegwriter says:

    Tom sat there. Shaking. Food was all he could think about. He had no comfort and no warmth. He stopped weeping and sulking. Stood up and tried to climb up the walls of soil, dirt and most of all mud. Jez kept walking. He heard voices and rustling. “Tom is that you?” asked Jez. There was no reply. Jez felt scared. he started running round in circles. It was getting dark. Jex found a tree stump he tied vines together and made a pillow. oh how he wished he was with Tom in their tents.Tom was trying as hard as he could to get up and out of the hole to see jez and the junosque vegetation.

    When it was morning jez awoke and heard shouting and screaming. He followed the deafining noise and recognised it. It sounded just like Tom. When Jez came into the clearing of trees he heard the shouting from the deep darkness of the hole. He looked down the hole he saw a familiar figure sitting down with a sulking face.
    ” Jez, is that you.” Questioned Tom.
    ” Yes its me.” answered Jez with shock.
    Jez suddenly had an idea. jez ran over to their tents and grabbed both of their bags. He tied all of their clothes together and made a long rope he found bamboo stickes and attatched them on the sidesto give it extra strength.

    Once tom was out of the muddy hole. he hugged jez with thankfulness. the boys had a long conversation and immediately decided to go back through the portal and go home. they ran back to where the portal was and collected their bags, jumping through the portal they both laughed. they got home and landed comfortably on their single beds and went straight to sleep after the long two days they had had.

  2. sophiewwriter says:

    Ellie this is really good 🙂

  3. elliegwriter says:

    I opened the door a tiny bit more. just enough to see inside half of the abandoned cottage that had never been opened because it has been told it is haunted by doris the evil ghost. I stepped into the old cottage and peered all around there was no man to be seen. I drew closer into the small thatched house as I turned around I saw a strange man sitting on a rocking chair playing a bagpipe I backed away with fright. He turned around his eyes were glowing red and he spoke like he had a toad in his throat. I looked at the surrounding around him there was a light lit by a single candle that glew with great elegance.

    He was holding his bagpipe that had red and green checks on it with brown tubes to blow into. In his other hand he held a kitten that’s stripes were black and ginger its little eyes were a bright shimmering blue. The man seemed nice but as he stood up his rocking chair started slowly rocking and after an hour or so it was still slowly rocking. I started to back away out of the door but as I did I saw all the moss and poison ivy and all the horrible, disgusting things around. He started a conversation with me:
    ” Hey girl why are you here?” he said with a hint of anger in his trembling voice
    ” Well excuse me if I may not be rude but I was actually told that this was an abandoned house that no one lived in.”
    I stood there trembling waiting for an answer from him.
    ” Leave this instant!”
    ” No I’m going to stay until you do some rethinking!”

  4. elliegwriter says:

    Dear Mrs Ely,
    I am writing to complain about the diabolical thought that you have had about us having to do homework every night after our busy day at school. I have busy nights and some nights I have my friends round. It would be rather annoying since Mr Spelman gives us a large amount and it is usually very challenging.

    My first reason of complaint is that I wouldn’t mind doing maths but English is boring all you do is connectives and adjectives and subordinate clauses I have a little brother as you know and he might want to play with me and maybe my little cousins and big cousins. I need time to do my stuff I need to be me every one needs to be them especially me. I have lots of relatives who want to see me and if I’m not there I’m doing my homework what was the point in coming to see me. I like homework but it is not fair having to do it every night after my busy day at school.

    My second complaint is that the time that it takes me is mind boggling I sometimes have to have help because it is to hard or just to check I am right the time that it takes variates from 3 minutes to 2 hours or more I am not happy with this since it takes to long and it is a hassle for me and my family because they have to help me with it all the time well just when I need it.

    to conclude, I inform you that I hope you agree to what I have said. You are a fine headmistress, thankyou…
    yours gratefully,
    Ellie Godfrey

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