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  1. declanwriter says:

    Dear Diary:
    Before the rocket took off my head was clouded with questions: why was I picked for this astonishing journey? and is there any life form on this blanket of misty grey? I couldn’t contain my excitement at all. When i found out I had a chance to go to The one and only Moon I dashed around my house like it was Christmas and I just got a six hundred pounds gaming computer. I was even dancing in the car (and no it wasn’t because my favourite song was on)
    Dear Diary:
    The Moon was cratered because of all the meteors that have striked it. I was so gleeful when i found Neil Amstrong’s foot prints in the misty fog i couldn’t wait to tell my family.

  2. declanwriter says:

    Pandora story carried on:

    Tom and Jez ran for their lives as this horrendous beast chased them like a starving wolf desperate for food. This Beast was definitely not friendly because of its thunderous growl, its three eyes, eight legs (including arms), three heads and viscous, razor-sharp teeth.

    As Tom and Jez kept running they suddenly came to a dead end of entwined trees blocking their path. What was they going to do? They could be eaten alive. All they could do was stand on the spot motionlessly.

    “Tom, we ARE going to DIE!!”

    The unknown creature opened it’s three gigantic jaws and leaned towards the boys.They was about to be eaten alive. Tom took a step back and part of the grass fell in to a bottomless pit or was it?…

  3. elliegwriter says:

    Good story declan im scared now

  4. declanwriter says:

    As Ali started to take a deep breath she wiped the sweat of her drippy brow,the door looked like it was abandoned years ago, then she started thinking carefully about what she was doing, her mind was clouded with questions. But then suddenly she stopped and stood motionless, the girl looked like she had been stunned by a stun gun. She had made up her mind. Finally she gradually opened the door, as fast as lightning a burst of breeze headed her way. She started having second thoughts about entering this abandoned murder house, as soon as Ali took a step forward she heard a little girl laughing like a possessed doll. She was creeped out at once but thought she had came all this way she cant turn back now. When her whole body was inside this forgotten warehouse the door slammed behind her, now she new she would not be able to exit now. Ali heard a familliar voice that sounded annoyed saying:
    “You shouldn’t of come here!”
    “Who are you? asked Ali
    her question was answered with silence. the lights flicked then when it stopped she spotted in the corner of her eye:a doll rocking on a chair, at first she thought the doll wasn’t rocking the chair but she carried on staring at it and realised it didn’t stop rocking! Then it somehow dissapeared and then a radio started to play music but not just any music it was singing in a sing song tune:
    “I’m watching you i’m watching you,”
    “Argh!” screamed Ali, footsteps and heavy breathing were heard approaching her at speed Ali was so scared she would do anything to get out of this horrendous structure. So she spotted a shelf that was lower enough for her to fit in and hide so she did just that. Eventually the doll found her she said
    “i’m sorry I frightened you please forgive me.”
    as seeing the doll up close Ali realised it was her most-favourite doll she had accidentally left at her old house
    “How are you talking to me!?”
    “I don’t know but I do know you love me please can we be together again I think its cooler that i can actually move now with you?”
    Ali thought for a moment and then she thought if it would get me out of here….. yes
    After all that the doll and Ali played together and everything but didn’t tell mum and dad, they had so much fun. The End
    P.S Mr spelman can i have 10 house points if this story gave you nightmares please? only joking lol

  5. leowriter says:

    THAT WAS AWSOME WRITING DECLAN!!! Although you did miss some capital letters:0):0):0):0):0):0):0):0):0):0):0):0):0):0):0):0):0):0):0):0)

  6. givernywriter says:

    some of the i’s have missed capitals, but other than that it is GREAT!:)

  7. declanwriter says:

    Dear Mrs Ely,
    I am writing to complain about the idea of receiving homework everyday. I mean really, homework every day?! I am incredibly bemused by this horrendous idea. I don’t think we should get homework everyday because then we would lose out on our own social lives. I think we get enough homework now and do not need more.

    Every day i receive homework with misery i place it on the table and start writing eventually i get bored and forced to carry on by my parents, some times my hand akes from all the work from the last couple of days i even get some homework at the weekend!! i mean surely a headmistress of such a wonderful school can fix this? your Mrs Ely you are control of the whole school i know you can do something about this.

    i would be SO grateful if you would consider dropping down to two pieces of homework a week please do something.


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