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  1. chloewwriter says:

    Dear Diary,
    Well what a day that was I wasn’t expecting that! I think that was worth going to it was amazing, I was abled to actually see the footprints from the former world wide known Neil Armstrong. Also I quite enjoyed seeing my own footprints pressing into the ground. Making a new memory Diary ( the day I explored the moon.) Since there is no gravity on the moon it was quite fun to float everywhere. From the moon I could see the shining stars resting in the galaxy, and are home the earth continuing with there day to day routines. It was a picturesque view, that I wanted to spend hours admiring at. The journey Diary was breath taking, seeing the earth vanishing under us. The feeling of me having no control of anything was a new experience to me. Then unfortunately my visit came to an end because on the realisation that this wasn’t forever as we were soon to come home. I don’t think I will never have a day like that this one tops the lot!

  2. chloewwriter says:

    Dear Diary,
    When I found out that I was going to be the first child to go to the moon I was ecstatic but also very anxious. I couldn’t wait to experience the moon and its wonderful beauty that it has to offer but the thing I was most excited about was the journey, and being able to wear a bulky oxygenised spacesuit. While having fun floating across the space shuttle. I felt special to be picked I bet I was the only one Diary, I told all my friends and they were very jealous. Sorry Diary I am just so jumpy right now because I am so excited. When I get back I am going to tell you everything (good). I have said lots of things that are good but what about things that are bad. What will I do then? What if the space shuttle crashes or it runs out of fuel. I will be stuck up there forever. Anyway lets not let the bad things stop me I am going to have a great time tomorrow. My name will be known as the first child to go to the moon. Oh diary I cant explain how I am feeling right now its a life time opportunity and… I should take it!

  3. chloewwriter says:

    Tom was anxious. What if he would never get the stone back again, or never get back home and see his family. There was only one thing to do and it was to follow this creature. Even though Tom really didn’t want to he then realised his whole life was depending on it. So he set of and followed the creature through the mysterious forest.

    When he arrived at the animals habitat, he quietly stood behind a dense tree and glanced across to see the creature, lowering the stone onto a multi-coloured branch that looked to Tom like it belonged to something important. Then a animal came out of a massive hole out of a tree trunk and took the stone. It scowled at it suspiciously with a tempered expression on its face. Tom was getting a bit worried of what the animal was going to do with stone. Behind the animal there was a bubbling rock pool that splashed and spitted everywhere.

    The animal suddenly threw the stone into the bubbling rock pool and as quick as a flash the stone dissolved and a hurricane of magic erupted into the sky. Toms heart skipped a beat. He knew something like this was going to happen he shook with nerves. He will never see his family again how unfair it was the animals just have to interfere with everything. As Tom slowly turned round and walked away a tear slithered down his cheek like a snake slithering through the grass.

    “I will never see my family again…” moped Tom

  4. givernywriter says:

    youve also missed a few full stops but it is still really good!;0

  5. givernywriter says:

    That is really good but dont you mean through the door, instead of threw the door?

  6. chloewwriter says:

    As Ali looked threw the open oak door a sudden shiver ran down her spine and left her feeling suspicious of what was inside this mysterious place. Before Ali even put one foot threw the door she suddenly thought about if this was a good idea, if by the end of this she would come she back out alive…

    When Ali finally sucked up the courage she slowly leaned forwards and took a big step into the unknown. She felt proud of herself for being brave but then a life scaring thing happened the old oak door slammed and automatically locked behind her, leaving Ali no hope of getting out. Ali felt really scared but something else really frightened her a creepy voice said “do you want to come and play,” while Ali spent ages trying to figure out where this creepy voice came from she soon found this doll on a old crooked antique horse watching her every move.

    Ali at this very point felt terrified as the doll pounced of the rocking horse and started to come closer and closer to her. You would not believe how many thoughts and feelings Ali was having right now, she felt like she was going to have a panic attack. But then suddenly the doll jumped on Ali and gave her a hug Ali was relieved she thought all that time that the doll would haunt her forever but she was wrong.

    As time passed Ali and the doll had an amazing time and were close friends. In the village where Ali live she does not have any friends even though this doll was not the average type that people would go for but Ali was quite happy to meet a sweet hearted doll who like her just the way she was.

    Time always goes quickly when you are having fun but Ali realised she had to be back by 5:00 and it was 4:50 so she had to go. The doll wanted Ali to stay but she couldn’t and so she said her fair wells and said ” I will be back” and then she walked out with her head held high. As soon as Ali walked out the doll was left there and with a wicked grin left on her face saying “I will get you someday…”

  7. givernywriter says:

    that is really good chlo! probably one of the best ones!!!!!:)

  8. chloewwriter says:

    Dear Mrs Ely,
    I am sorry to disturb you on a Monday morning but there’s something I need to get off my chest. I wanted to bring to your attention the small mater of extra homework that you believe is right to burden us with.

    As much as I love the thought of extra homework I wish to present to you my argument against the idea. My reason number 1 is that we are already in school 6 hours a day 5 days a week where as I am sure your aware that some children only attend school for a few hours.

    Reason number 2 is that I feel the extra workload would put Mr Spelman under extra pressure to get the homework marked on time. Also we all know how Mr Spelman doesn’t react well under pressure.

    My last reason is that I like other children in my year and my class i attend outside activities which requires a 100 percent of my commitment that I can not miss out on. As a respectful head teacher you are I am sure you will understand mine and every other childs reasons of why we should not have loads of homework. I hope we can come to an agreement about this and move on.

    thank you and remember to think about it.

    from your student in Tydd St Mary school
    Chloe Webb

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