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  1. williamwriter says:

    As my fingers, old and stiff, play a familiar tune, I am certain my wife is by my side. I feel peace and comfort for a fleeting moment. Is she there? Is my beautiful, gentle and loving wife with me? The piano’s keys move without me touching them and I feel twenty-one again as a delicate kiss, like the very first one she gave me all those years ago, caresses my cheek.

  2. williamwriter says:

    Curse f the mummy’s tomb
    Thousands of years ago, there were three children who lived in Egypt. They all helped their father build the majestic pyramids. It was excruciating work without machinery, laying brick after brick by hand.
    Years later, after finishing the pyramids, they decided to sneak back into one of them – who knew what they would find – gems , amulets or even Bob from next door? (some say he got caught by a mummy .)
    Managing to find a crack in one of the pyramids, they crawled into a tunnel. It was claustrophobic, like going down a python’s stomach full of twists and turns . They arrived in a huge room decorated with hieroglyphics. These read ‘BEWARE – EVIL LURKS HERE!’ There, in front of me, stood a malevolent mummy…

  3. williamwriter says:

    “Yes Joseph…we meet again!”I had a terrific idea! “We challenge you Joseph – whoever invents the best time machine, will be deemed inventor of the century!” Joseph looked crazy with excitement.
    We all worked like mad men for five long, exhausting hours, using scrap metal, an old photo booth and telephone box. Five hours flew by.
    “At the count of ten, we will start our machines – the first machine to reach 1825, is the winner!” 3….2……1…….0. Joseph flicked the switch of his machine with confidence, throwing us an evil glare! We kept our hands still. The wicked inventor’s machine worked perfectly; Joseph had gone! We could at last get on with our lives.

    • abbywriter says:

      🙂 well donw nice work Try to use more adverbs i cant see manyeg:angrily,frantically,swifterly.Also add some more pronouns eg; he, she, him, her, and they.!:)

  4. rosiewriter says:


    You put a full stop after the word ‘description’ instead of a comma. Remember to check grammar before clicking submit! X ;0)

  5. georgiawriter says:

    Good speech and good
    description. but you spelled
    there wrong you spelled it like this ther
    so remember to check
    spelling before clicking submit.
    Remember to put capital

  6. williamwriter says:

    I gradually opened the ricked door. the sight was truly tererfieing.we herd chrashes and clanks from under.I clutched my brothers hand as we entered the room.we eged in”im scared”cried Tim.ther was a rustic bookshelf all the books wher about capturing little children. then we herd a faint mutter . we went to get a book”do you think it’s safe”of course!”I said .In the back of the room there was a futuristic state of the art raygun or a laser blaster.Anyway it looked frighting.then the stairs creaked and a white coated man came up”well well well we met again”…

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