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  1. trinitywriter says:

    You could give us homework every day so we don’t get bored but then we could have a holiday without any.Mr Spelman would not be able to get all of the books marked and he would be very tired because he has to mark all the books. We would all be very tired as well and we wouldn’t be able to do all our work properly.

  2. louisgwriter says:

    Good Work But your sentonces dont make sence like your first one (When you turn the door handle clockwise there is a clumsly friend)
    ! you could add more adverbs e.g slowly, franticly, quickly
    ! you could also add some more adjectives like e.g giant, exotic, elagant

  3. trinitywriter says:

    When you turn the door handle clockwise there is a clumsly friend . I walked in the house slowly and I looked at fragile things because it was very intresting so I took care. Banging noises from the floor because it was old and creaky. β€˜β€™ Shall we have some lunch outside?
    β€˜β€™Yes’’. That is a good idea
    β€˜β€˜Where shall we go?’’ Charlie said.
    β€˜β€™What is that over there?’’
    I can see?
    That is a pinic bench.

    • rosiewriter says:

      Remember this piece of work is in the past tence and the first person.
      ! Use adjectives to make it more exciting for the reader, e.g Shall we have some AMAZING lunch outside?

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