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  1. sophiewriter says:

    Dear Mrs Ely
    I don’t wont any more homework because we have anuff homework as it is . if we have homework every day we wont no want to do because we mite not no want the subgeced is when we get this homework we get strest out and we dont wont to be spending time in our bed rooms every day that meands we dont spend time with our family and when we do most of the time we are asking for help and when we get to go to a speshle akation all we do is do homework.

    your sincely

    sophie leadbeater (one of your stodence)

  2. sophiewriter says:

    This song makes me feel calm and everyone should feel like the peace. I miss your calm lovely heart warming soul. Your soul fills my heart with love and peace. When tapping keys on the piano I feel your warm heart leading on me, knowing you are there lifts a heavy weight from me and I start to feel happiest. I love when I feel your beautiful lips touch my cheak so softly this makes me feel like I should be happy and do my best. I will finish the creative things that you never had a chance to finish successfully.

  3. sophiewriter says:

    I am hear because I’m vising my nanny . I thought my nanny house is mirusly scary . There was the a sopcy sound in the bacgrand it was the berry tree waving in the wind . I could see my nanny miruss scary hous . I moved twost the house sloly it was scary . I saw the door fullof cob wepse . I saw my nanny spepe saschoyou . I head the sorng wind doling the balxe and making the paxle ceake . I crept up to the sests . The sese was cryng by the wind.

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