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  1. rosiewriter says:

    Dear Mrs Ely,
    I am writing to you about your decision on giving all of Owls Class homework every night. I think homework every night is just too much for a simple school child. I think that it’s important to have a good home/school balance. I expect you’re very busy at the moment, but you can’t ignore this incident. It would save the teachers planning, setting and marking all of the homework as they already have much to do as do you. Home is not for work, it’s for relaxing, being with family and friends and having fun. Our parents work extremely hard every day and come home and have to help us children do our homework and it’s not fair on them. Some of the children of Owls Class get home, after school and do their chores. Children often visit their other relatives far away during evenings but we would always have homework to do instead. Some of the homework could be online, but not all children may have access to the internet at home. I realise that you’re very busy as you’re a head-teacher and thank you for your time in reading this letter. I hope you understand this issue and hope to hear your reply.
    Yours Sincerely

  2. rosiewriter says:

    The Olympic Tennis Final: Serena Williams.
    Serena had waited for this moment all her life, having played tennis since she was a young child. She trained 3 times a week with her older sister, Venus, who was in the audience that very day. The anticipation was incredible and the emotion was nerve racking. Her heart was pounding, like a stick hitting a drum; it helped her focus on the rhythm of tennis.

    A loud announcement came from the commentator, it was her time, all her preparation and hard work was built up for this moment!…

    Proudly, she emerged from the dark changing rooms into the well lit area. She was welcomed by a thunderous applause, that sounded like fireworks continuously exploding. The sunlight warmed her cheeks and the hugest smile appeared on her excited face.

    Grasping her shiny, new tennis racket, she happily waved to her awaiting audience. Her opponent arrived on the opposite side of the crisp, green court, who she could see through the white, neat netting.

    The match suddenly began and was physically and mentally demanding, her body ached and her feet were warm in her squeaky but comfortable sports shoes. The game seemed forever but the breaks in between aided her sweaty body as she drank her cool, ice-cold water to refresh and replenish her play.

    The fast action of the game came to a stand still, like soldiers marching in time, she had won! She was relieved and elated, she held the shield above her head and tears of victorious pride ran down her surprized face.

  3. rosiewriter says:

    I’m sitting on my worn, wrecked stool. My fingers are slowly playing the grand piano and on the dusty, old keys that are gradually playing slow, beautiful tunes. I can remember my wife and all the times happy times I had with her. I can see nothing but the cloudy, misty darkness surrounding me and my memories of my wife. I’m feeling sad on the inside but happy on the outside that I still have memories of her. In my head my memories are disappearing slowly of my wife. As the image is disappearing I am stopping to play the keys but I will not forget her.

  4. rosiewriter says:

    Homework 23.11.2015
    Rose and Gregory in the rain-forest
    Once upon a time, there was a cheeky frog named Gregory. He lived in a moss-covered log that he called the log cabin. Gregory had a loyal friend called Rose the rabbit, she loved exploring. Next to where they lived, there was a mysterious rain-forest that they enjoyed exploring in.

    One day Rose and Gregory entered the fun-filled forest. They stayed there all morning and didn’t stop playing. After a while Gregory asked Rose,” hey are you getting hungry?
    “Rose thought deeply and said,”yes, yes I am, I could do with a huge,beastly lunch!”
    They turned around and ran back to their parents and inquired , “what’s for lunch?”
    “It’s not lunch time yet, it’s only eleven o’clock,” said their parents.
    They walked slowly back into the lush,green forest and sighed.
    “I’m staving and we’ll never find anything in a forest to eat!” moaned Gregory, with a really frustrated look on his face.
    “I know, we could find a prickly blackberry bush and secretly nibble on some delicious blackberries,” suggested Rose.
    So they looked around for a pointy blackberry bush and as they were running around there was a squeaky noise from the squelchy,boggy grass below their feet. They ended up sprinting in different directions.Gregory was darting towards a crystal clear stream and while he was running he suddenly stopped and jumped into the stream just for a little paddle! Meanwhile, Rose was bouncing around the beautiful rain-forest , she heard the sound of a gun between the rustling bushes. Rose swiftly dashed, trying to find Gregory to see if he was safe from the gunmen forging through the rain-forest. They met each other again to escape the dangers that were lurking in the dark,shaded forest.

    Together they scampered through the wild, over-grown woods to their waiting parents who immediately started to run with them. Rose and her Dad galloped in front and began digging a hole for them all to escape from the mighty forest. They kept burrowing through the earth, until they came to see daylight through the tunnel they had made. They ended up in a weird world that had a Christmas themed village, in the middle of no-where.
    “Where on earth are we?” asked Gregory.
    “I don’t known,” replied Rose.
    “What are we going to do?”…

  5. williamwriter says:

    Fabulous writing !

  6. rosiewriter says:

    Herbie’s face went as bright as a strawberry, as a small tear dripped from his nose. I wiped his face and we walked unhurriedly in. In front of us was a dusty cabnet that stood creaking in the centre of the outraging, ancient room. We glared around and Herbie was frightened. As he was strolling he tripped over something and as he was laying there on the floor I picked it up and it was a rusty key.

    “What is it for?”asked Herbie.”I don’t know ,”I responded back. So I slid it into my pocket in case we needed it . From upstairs we could hear something from the room above. Once again Herbie snatched my hand and we gradualy a step on the stairs. Upstairs there was a broken, locled door then Herbie said, “the key Rosie let’s use the key!”So I got the key out of my pocket and I put it through te key-hole and twisted the it. Then me and Herbie forced the door and inside was a massive bed and on top of it was a crazy-looking scientist sleeping with his tounge out.

    • rubyrwriter says:

      The first paragragh is very descriptive !
      But i think you should use a differrent word than dusty because you have used it more than twice ,here are a few words that would replace dusty : Grubby,unclean,dirty!!

    • abbywriter says:

      !well done very nice piece of work .
      Very good adverbs you used in your piece of writing like eg: frietened also try and add more of them as well.

    • louisgwriter says:

      Faboulous work! Well Done! what do you mean we walked in? in where? (I wiped his face and we walked in.)
      ! this dosent make sense (we gradualy a step on the stairs.) do you mean, we gradualy took a step up the stairs.

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