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  1. tyddstmary says:

    While my grandad Played,”the music was”.
    Charming,lovely,heart warming.
    My mum gave me a hobby horse which I loved so much,I played all day as it was the best present I had ever got. As it came to the end of the day I went and sat by my grandad and played a note on his piano.

  2. Noelani says:

    It was a quiet evening as I started playing my wife’s piano. I started playing a gentle tune that brought memories of my wife playing beside me. As we played the memories of the happy time we had together, my heart filled with sadness the day she left for heaven, as I imagine her playing. As I imagine this my heart became full of happiness as we played I felt her kiss on my kiss and as we came to the end of the tune her presence had gone, but she will always be in my heart.

    • robertwriter says:

      Very good description Bosnia (:
      Just a few things to remember
      ! it needs to be in the present so play not played try doing play along
      Other than that good try on present

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