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  1. ilanwriter says:

    Dear Diary,
    I have just arrived home from a busy day at school and and I have received quite the exciting news: I won the Try to build the moon challenge! This means all my dreams have excited dream land and landed themselves in reality. The trailer I saw was amazing, the stars up close, asteroids flying past and even maybe a glimpse at the milky way! All this going through my mind made me feel a bit nervous, what about my parents? Are they coming? Am I going alone? I guess ill just have to wait and see. Anyway, I am also incredibly excited! Sadly I’m going to have to go now, I need to pack my belongings for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

    Dear Diary,
    The trip i was so excited about actually wasn’t as good as the trailer showed it being. Personally, it was a let down. I am quite upset, but atleast i can say i was one of the 13 men to step foot on the moon. The journey up there was life threatening, wobbling, and going at incredibly high speeds. However i really enjoyed the space food. Sadly, this disappointment of an advert has tricked my mind. I will now remember, dont assume everything is what an advert or a book tells, because i can guarrante alot of it isn’t correct.

  2. ilanwriter says:

    (I’m going to restart my story because I’ve came up with new ideas and I really want to use them)

    Tom’s eyes lit with wonder, for a mystical portal had appeared right before his eyes. He stared for a few seconds in pure amazement until he snapped out of dream world and hopped back into reality. Tom with fear coming throughout his body had just realized what had happened, aliens maybe? He wasn’t sure. He started to shake, his heart began pounding so hard that his entire body began trembling. Suddenly he rose to his feet and froze in fear. Something had been in his room while he was dreaming. His phone had vanished, he looked around to see that all of his electrical devices had vanished. The portal was sucking in all electrical devices! Now being quite a young boy his devices were practically his life, and he had to get them back. With his brain telling him not to, but his mind telling him to, he began packing items he’d need. He went through every draw throwing out the essentials. Finally, he reached the clothes draws, he rapidly threw shirts, trousers, socks and a spare pair of shoes. He threw them into his school bag and stood once again to his feet. He stared constantly at the gateway to hell, his mind began flying through all his good memories like it was trying to stop him, but Tom just denied his mind and stepped closer to the portal. Once he was eye to eye with the black hole like abyss he said his last words. “Goodbye cruel world,” He put once foot in, and continued to put the rest in. Within a few seconds, Tom was gone to the lands of pandora.

    Tom fell from the sky, he bellowed screams of pure fear, he thought he would die. He closed his eyes and waited for his fate, but when he smashed against the ground it didn’t hurt, the ground had a soft and mushy feeling to it, and tom just got back up like nothing had happened. He played around for a bit (like a typical kid would) forgetting that anything had happened. He stopped playing after half an hour and looked around at his surroundings. He was surrounded by pure vegetation. His stomach began rumbling, he needed food, but the only way to get food would be to go out into the forests and risk his life. He didn’t know what was out there, it could be anything. “No not alone,” he thought to himself. Suddenly a twig snapped from behind him. He spun around quicker than a torpedo and stared into the dark forests. But to his delight, Jez appeared from out the entwined woods. He ran towards his friend and hugged him. Normally this was an embarrassing thing to do, but Jez hugged him back as if they were both happy to see each other. Tom realized that now he wasn’t alone he could go hunt for food. He explained to Jez about how hungry he was and how he really needed food. Jez replied with the exact same thing, he was also hungry. With no hesitation and a mind full of confidence, they stepped into the foods.

    They went miles and miles looking for food but they found no vegetables, no fruit and even nothing they could kill. On their way back after they had given up they stumbled upon a strange creature, nothing like anything in the human world. It had a chicken head with duck feet and a woman’s face too as well as a cow body. Tom looked a bit bewildered. Suddenly both of them began laughing their heads off. But then they realized that this strange creature was dinner. Jez grabbed a nearby twig and sharpened it against a tree. He then did what had to be done and finished off the job. They began heading back. By the time the two tired boys arrived back at the portal they were flat on the floor. But suddenly Toms stone began heating up again. He took it out his pocket and threw it to the ground. It burnt infront of their eyes. Their entire life flashed before them, they were doomed. But they actually enjoyed their time here. They weren’t as worried. They wanted to stay. What would’ve been a problem became a dream come true. They ended up staying and living the dream life.

  3. ilanwriter says:

    With a lot of hesitation, Ali nervously stepped through the dust-incrusted wooden door. She started to shake, she started to sweat, her warm little heart began pounding like never before, and she starting chewing her fingernails. After all of the torcher her body put her through she dramatically put her shaking feet through the door, and she started to peer around the room. The first thing she saw, was an unknown object, she slowly went closer towards the object. Suddenly, out of nowhere, music began to play that inflicted pain into Ali’s ears. She began screaming because of the pain. In complete fear, Ali instituted towards the object that was playing the music. Ali finally got a glimpse of the object, and what she saw was truly horrifying. Before she could get too close to the object, she suddenly slipped on something. It appeared to be red gelatinous, but it wasn’t. The only way Ali could find out what it was, was too taste it. With a mind full of regret, Ali licked her finger. She tasted pure blood, she screamed and suddenly out of no where she saw a shadow. In pure fear Ali passed out.
    24 Hours later,
    Ali woke up in a bed, not her bed someone elses bed. She hurd “ring a ring a roses, a pocket full of poses, a tissue, a tissue, we all fall down,” Ali pinched herself because she thought this was a dream, it wasn’t. She looked around the room, and beside her was a doll, with a knife in its hand.

  4. ilanwriter says:

    Dear Mrs Ely,

    I am writing to you to let you know that I and others think that homework every day is too much, and having this done will make children have less time with their families, and will put a lot of pressure on the pupils.

    This idea will take up way too much of children’s time making them score less in their tests, and removing all the energy a child should have for a long day of hard work at school. We now have less time to relax after school and honestly we all think this is an outrageous idea!

    Im sure a nice soul like you will understand the problem and that this idea is an incredibly half-witted idea, and that you are ruining the lives of innocent children, If this torture method continues i will be seeking legal authorities and making sure that this moronic problem stops.

    Thanks for taking the time to read,
    Yours sincerely,
    Ilan Mustafa.

  5. ilanwriter says:

    As i slowley play the piano the song brought back all my memories.Some good some bad as This song was my wife’s favourite.All those memories came fluding back.I leant forward to kiss her and she had dissapeared She had just vanished.

  6. ilanwriter says:

    An old man slowely plays the piano and the song brings back memories.Some good some bad as the song is his wife’s favourite song.It brought all the memories back,he almost believed she was right next to him. He leant forward to kiss her but she had Dissapeared.But he knew she had been there.

  7. ilanwriter says:

    An Old man Rapidly Plays the piano as he plays a song that brings back some memories.Some bad some good as the song is his wife’s favourite Song. It brings back all there memories causing the man to think she is right next to him.
    She gives him a kiss but then disspears into this air.

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