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  1. georgiawriter says:

    Dear Mrs Ely

    I am writing to you, to insure that we have been given homework ever evening. At home it shouldn’t be school time still it should be spending family time and not staying up in your room all day. So i am really stressed because I have been handed these sheets of homework.I would still like to be given homework but not every single day.

    My mother is getting worried, because i have been getting any sleep at all, because of the amount of homework we have been getting . And there is a reason, we could forget what days these should be handed in. But, like I was saying I get like a couple of minuets in the morning time, because I am up to probably around 1.00 o’clock in the morning so I only have a couple of minuets of sleep.

    so please give us less homework, but if I do have anymore issues about this subject, I will be getting back to you. And if you don’t sort this problem out I will be seeking legal advice and you wont be happy then. Many Thanks.

    Yours sincerely
    Georgia Williamson

  2. georgiawriter says:

    The man was playing the piano and his smooth soft hands were jumping around knowing what to do.He sat there peacefully enjoying the sweat sound of the music.Then suddenly there was a ghosts hand that was playing the piano. There sitting next to him was an old lady. She was looking sad and the old man was looking sad as well. Like their hearts sunk together.Then lightly she gave him a sweat kiss. Then the old man smiled happily like he new she was there.

  3. rubyrwriter says:

    I really like the ending it makes me want to read more i really do love it it gives clues as well very good well done !! You have just missed a few capital letters and spelling errors but otherwise of that it is brilliant !!!

  4. georgiawriter says:

    I held the silver shining handle
    Half hartedly i walked through the wooden oak door.I looked slowly round the room. Sparkle looked at a skelington and fainted in terror. Dimond shaked sparkle in fear. Dimond gently walked into the abandond wooden broken house. There was a little chandelier haning up on the ceilling it was broken , away the colourwas white but it rusted away. “sparkle your awake “said dimond in joy.

    “look there is a monumentoes snail however did that get in it is gigantic”said sparkle

    “yuck this is disgusting there is loads of goo”said sparkle. On the left was a shatterd wall it looked like it was shatterd years ago. we crept to an old -rusty bed.

    “This must be the main room and the snail must be a pet”. There was a noise at the door.

    “did you shut the door”said dimond

    “yes ” said sparkle”Then how is it open”she said

    • louisgwriter says:

      🙂 Well Done!
      !try to use more pronouns like ext (he,she,her,him)
      ! try to add more verbs and ajectives (the ceilling it was broken.)
      ! can you change half hartedly to a better adverb ext (angrily,scarefully,eagerly,)

      • georgiawriter says:

        one day there was a girl called Georgia, she did’t have a family!The only family was her dog called Bertie.Georgia lived in a damp wooden cracked house that was very old and tired.They lived next to a wheat field so the farmer comes round and gives her some bread.Bertie wanted to help her but he is a,dog. But one day there was an airplane and it was dropping knifes around London.
        ” what is this is it a battle i’m scared”
        Then Bertie shook his head and Georgia got really scared she thought she will die.But all of a sudden a dear came up to her and looked. The dear wiped the tears of her eyes. Then the dear ran when she heard a big bang.
        Georgia was saying ” come back hear wait for me”
        Georgia ran as fast as she could but lost the dear she made her way into the deep dark forest! When she was little she heard terrible story’s about the place.
        She got lost for a quite long while and then she came a cross a house but nobody was there .So she went in there were lovely dresses and yummy food .
        She thought the dear was trying to led her to this house.And then she stayed there for the rest of her life with Bertie.

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