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  1. freyawriter says:

    As she awaits for her name to be called out from the speakers she sits there nervously all by herself in the changing room. Bell encourages herself to appsalutly smash it and think nobodys there.

    Minutes later Bells name got called out. She had butter flies in her tummy and the crowd cheered and cheered. As she started her way walking to the track shaking full of nerves.

    She settled herself down and closed her eyes as she got to the track ready to sprint. She reached the starting line looking around waiting for the big loud go. Her heart was racing.

    She shouted ”believe in yourself!” Then waits for the best time in her life.

  2. freyawriter says:

    My fingers are dancing across my old wooden key bored. I feel very lonely until my wife came to join me. She came for a while and left me with a kiss on the cheek.As the relaxing tune went on i started to have memories coming back and is a shame that we cant do it all again.The tears broke me down so much i was trying to think that it never happened and carried on with my lovely relaxing tune.

  3. freyawriter says:

    Lilly ran in horror to the back of the grotty sofa wondering if she will find us. I followed in shock. He was holding a great big axe with a black woolly jumper also with grey jeans. He shouted ”who are you your not in a very good treat tonight!” Sophie’s eyes watered she started grabbing onto my arm. I started shacking I did not like the feeling nither Sophie. The owner checked under the table and there was muddy footprints and dirt all over the skirtings. He looked up angrily and made a funny noise. Me and Sophie hugged each other tightly thinking he will find us or do something horrid to us I couldn’t face this any more. Sophie was horrified and so was I. The owner shouted “if you don’t come out you will be in danger if you ever get home.” The owner went upstairs me and Sophie ran for our lives and finally got away to enjoy the rest of our lives

  4. rubyrwriter says:

    Remember its in first person i think !
    Any way brilliant work !
    Great ending as well !

  5. tyddstmary says:

    Sophie took a small step into the enchanted house then i followed.Infront of us was a room full of discusting objects Sophie didn’t like the look of.The first thing welooked at was the gigantic splats on the walls.Then Sophie wisperd”I have a horrid feeling in my head about what is going to happen.”

    ”Don’t worry about it i’m sure we will be fine,”said Lilly.All the splats on the wall looked like they were dripping all the way down to the very bottom which was starting to build my fear.We mooved further on to open the chipped droor all there were was a load of paintings and brushes. I heard a random noise squeeking far beyond and heard the bookshelf ripping apart a few steps away from me and sophie which we didn’t like the sound of.I heard sombody shouting thinking if he was coming towards us.

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