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  1. abbywriter says:

    Abby’s eyes widened in amazement at the sight before her.As she slowly turned the door nob a shadow flicked from one side of the wall to another.An old antique chair perched in the corner still rocking,but nobody on it swayed from side to side…She walked carefully onward to find broken and shattered glass along the floor.Her phone rang she nearly jumped out of her skin,because she was that frightened ”its was only my mum!”she just hung up anyway.

    All of a sudden there was a screaming noise it was a girls voice it came from the back I was to scared to go and look.She put on her torch and went ahead. There were red stains dripping from the wall she went and investigated she pressed her finger down and saw it was blued stains she gasped to her self ”OMG!”The fear over took her and she couldn’t go on.

  2. abbywriter says:

    Dear Mrs Ely,
    I am writing to express and tell you the cause of this unnecessary agreement that you and you staff have made.I come to school exhausted after having to do homework every night and I struggle to concentrate during school hours.

    Children need time to relax and socialise out of school hours -all work and no play makes me a dull girl. I need time to rest and take on board all I have learnt throughout the school day.Everyday I feel exhausted due to the amount of homework that you have ‘decided’ to do.

    I then wont get enough sleep to keep all the information in for all the different sats throughout the year and that will make me unable to be the best and reach the standards that i’m supposed to be at ;consequently I wish for you to not give us homework every night.

    You and your staff should reconsider the amount of homework that you give us children, because you don’t know what pressure you put us through and the exhaustion all of us feel every day of our lives until we go to secondary school.

  3. abbywriter says:

    As the mans hands rapidly move across the piano he starts to think about all the memories he has with his wife. He sits there enjoying the calm and peaceful music on the piano. He feels alone as he is playing the dusty cold keys. As he starts to play faster his wife starts to appear. She gently kisses his thin drone cheeks . Then slowly fades away but keeps on playing slowly.

  4. abbywriter says:

    First of all their was only a man hands playing the piano. Next their was a lady that appeared slowly she looked very scared and sad and the music was reflecting her sadness.Then she started playing the piano but then they both took of one of their faded hands and rested it on their laps whilst they held hands tight. After that the lady turned to face the man and kissed him on the cheek then she turned back and started to fade away slowly. But the man just kept on playing the piano.After that the man started to fade away slowly.

  5. james says:

    One stormy night, two people lived in a dark aliway in the street. All you could hear was the wet and rain dripping of from the pipes. The lightning flashed and the thunder banged like someone had smashed a glass! Then a man walked past but then he walked back again . Then he shouted GET THEM BOYS and out came six strongly looking men. what’s happerning said Bobs sister I don’t know said kiera Bobs sister help shouted Keira and Bob out floo from the air was batman. Bat man shouted the kids the strong men and the man ran away come on guys you can live with me thanks batman your welcome son and daughter yaahhhhhhhhh!!!!! lets go home so they went home and they lived happily as a family the end.

  6. rubyrwriter says:

    You have used terrer a lot though and it is spelt wrong it is supposed to spell it like this terror !! Well done any way Abbs !!!

  7. abbywriter says:

    I froze in terrer! As I unbuckled the goowy washed out door, my friend fainted loudly in terrer! Charlie slowly walked in but all he could see from the distants was pitch black darkeness .Jack had a tourch in his left back blue pocket ,”Thanks ,”Charlie wisperd .Charlie got scared for when he turned his tourch on Jack started to look at Charlie and he started to get a bit frightend too. But when he accely turned on the tourch all he could see was tiny black and red doors that led into lots of different shaped scary frightfull rooms. In the first room i saw but i diddnt tecknatly know but i thought it was a machine bed that use to blow bubbles out of it. Then i looked at the wall and there was a strange beard shadow in the door way !I turnt round ,I shivered slowly then i jiggled and until the man shouted loudly.

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