Your homework this half-term is to try and get yourself sorted with a written method that works for you for all four operations! There are videos here for column addition, column subtraction, grid method and column multiplication. After you have refreshed your memory, try the appropriate activities on Mathsframe to test your ability! A walk-through for both short and long division can also be found on Mathsframe, as well as the other operations. Make sure you use the method you’ve been asked to, then try the written calculations in your homework book.


The above video gives a recap for column addition.

The above video is for column subtraction. Remember that subtracting decimals is exactly the same, just make sure you get your place value columns lined up!

The above video is for column multiplication. Note: you don’t have to put the ‘carry digits’, as he calls them, above the calculation – if you’re not sure about this method, use the grid method or expanded method.

The expanded method.

The grid method.

Click on this link for mathsframe short division (formal written method):








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