Maths Challenges

This page hosts extra challenge questions for those who have finished their work in class. Use your QR Reader or laptop to view.

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  1. tomwriter says:

    They were trapped
    Tom and Jez were in tears of worry they suddenly had an idea how about if they were to get the stone and reopen the portal but how.
    jez really didnt want to go down the cave because it was dark, scary and gloomy.
    But it was there only to get home they kept coming up with good ideas but then every time the other person would say something so the idea looked bad . In the end jez just said ‘i will go down as long as you follow me,” ” ok” replied tom so they went down but suddenly a rock fell in front of the blocking the cave exit so they pushed it but couldnt do a thing so injury was the only choice so jez took a run up and tried to shoulder barge it but it only hurt him suddenly tears started falling down jez’s cheek but with sweat and blood mixing together on his cheek he tried again this time he succeded!!!! so the two boys rushed out of the cave and relit the portal tears of happiness fell down Tom and Jez’s cheek so they both give each other a big high 5 and went through.

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