Dear Diary,
I have just got home after a busy day at school and a exciting message has occurred: the space drawing competition I entered in has came back as a prize to visit the moon! I feel as though my privileges in life has just raised, my life long dream will soon come true. This great opportunity will give me the knowledge of the society we live in including the galaxy recognition. The part I am looking forward to the most is the journey as the spectacle of all of the planets and stars will just be jaw dropping and will give me a moment to appreciate the sight I will be looking at in a matter of days. I am a little bit nervous of leaving home but I will be fine as I have other things to take in when I get there. I will have to leave you now as I have to pack my things for this magnificent trip!

Dear Diary,
The trip I was boasting about wasn’t all that pleasant as it was a disappointment really. I am quite upset that I didn’t enjoy as much as I thought but at least I can say that I did it I suppose. An irritating journey really let me down at first and the whole experience just got even worse as it went on. The barren landscape really was just deadening, but it wasn’t all that bad as the dried food was the part I enjoyed the most surprisingly. Making things even worse we had a delay with the fuel and just make it back before we ran out, it was a traumatic time but we still had hope. This fake advitisement had me locked into its trap and I feel foolish that I believed a drawing competition would win me a guaranteed good time. This life lesson has showed me that not all things mean what they say.

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